Home Maintenance and Repair

Air Testing:

Veronica Waterfield
Environmental Consultant
Top Quality Inspection & Consulting
Office: 403-921-5648
Email: veronica@topqualityinspections.com



Carpets for Less
Phone: 403-831-3684


Carpet Cleaners:

Phone: 403-250-5454 or
Quotes: 403-671-2461

Ram Cleaning Services
Phone: 403-291-1051
Fax: 403-291-0553
Website: www.ramservice.com



Phone: 403-454-8501

Phone: 403-991-6859
Email: wandaful50@yahoo.ca



Derek Dixon
Journeyman Carpenter/Owner
Rock-it Concrete
Phone: 403-804-9918
Fax: 403-948-6441
Email: rockitconcrete@gmail.com
Website: www.rockitconcrete.ca



Rob Walker
Clean Contracting
Phone: 587-889-3560
Email: Rob@CleanContracting.ca
Website: http://www.CleanContracting.ca



Sean Jenic
Master Electrician
Bandana Electric
Phone: 403-966-6901
Email: info@bandana-electric.com

David McCartney
Master Electrician
High Point Electric
Phone: 403-619-5160

Dave McLain
Master Electrician
Streamline Electric
Phone: 403-701-4322
Email: streamline.electric@live.com


Furnance Cleaning/Inspection/Repair:

W & J Heating
Cell Phone: 403-861-9390
Office: 403-243-1780


Garage Doors:

Al Kehler
The Door House Inc.
Phone: 403-543-6900
Website: www.door-house.com



Mehmet Barak
EFES Painting Inc.
Phone: 403-651-4672
Email: efespainting@gmail.com
Website: www.efespainting.com

Kendra Mahon
Residential Home Painting Services 
The Wall Whisperer
Phone: 403-990-5841
Email: walls4life@gmail.com



Cristian Costel Rusu
Owner and Journeyman Plumber
Phone: 403-978-7385
Email: info@ermcalgary.com
Website: www.ermcalgary.com

Call Matt or Lynn
East Plumbing & Heating
Phone: 403-702-0081



William Birse
Integral Roofing and Construction
Phone: 587-888-9844
Email: integralroofing@gmail.com

Done Right Roofing
Specializing in Asphalt Shingles only
Phone: 403-651-0214
Website: www.calgaryroofingdoneright.com



Maurice Adema
Origin GlassWorks Ltd.
Phone: 587-583-8486
Email: m.adema@originglassworks.ca
Website: www.OriginGlassWorks.ca




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