Companies don't hire people without first checking their references. You shouldn't work with someone without checking their references either.

All of our Testimonials and Comments below come directly from real clients and are not generated.  In the information age finding accurate, honest information can be a real challenge - if you would like to speak directly with any of our past clients please feel free to ask and we can make arrangements.  Having a Realtor you like and trust is incredibly important when dealing in large transactions involving hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We pride ourselves on representing all of our clinets with the same care and skill we would give to the most beloved and important people in our lives.  This is how we do business...read on or find out for yourself.

  • I recently worked with Raena in both a condo sale and purchase.   She is professional, ethical and extremely competent.   Her calm personality and responsive to questions  helped to de-stress the entire process for me.  Despite looking at properties for almost a year, I never felt rushed to make a decision until I felt completely ready.   When I finally did find the perfect condo, we learned an offer had already been accepted.  I was ready to give up on it, but Raena wasn't!   She encouraged me to make a back-up offer ,even though I didn't really see the point, and 10 days later my offer was accepted when the first deal fell through.     I can honestly say that without Raena's foresight and knowledge of the vagaries of the condo market, it never would have  happened.   To top it off, she saved me thousands of dollars on the purchase price because of her expert negotiating skills!
    I would highly recommend Raena to anyone who needs an experienced, competent and trustworthy realtor.               

  • I just want to acknowledge you for your honesty.
    After your initial request, I was wondering  how come you were asking me for the docs, because I had sent them to you -- and you could just have sent them to your realtor friend (without asking me).
    I applaud your honour and integrity in giving me a chance to recover some of my expense of procuring them. 
    As a realtor, you are exceptional and extra-ordinary!  (probably as a human being, too .)
    Thank you so much, Raena, for representing me with such diligence and professionalism through this long process (and right until the last minute)!
    Thank you for everything.

  • I live in Kelowna, BC & had to sell my condo in Chestermere. I couldn’t be more grateful that I was referred to Raena. From the very first point of contact, Raena demonstrated her dedication to getting to know me so she could best meet my needs. This was a tough decision for me & I was a bit nervous having to do it from a distance. Although I didn’t ever get to meet her in person, her kindness & authenticity were felt across the miles.  Raena’s knowledge of the climate of real estate in Chestermere went a long way in making this sale happen as quickly & seamlessly as possible. Her communication & guidance through the process was excellent. I was never left wondering what was going on & felt very secure knowing Raena was handing everything on my behalf with my best interests at heart. Raena truly went above & beyond, her work & service were outstanding. The combination of her professionalism & amazing client centered approach makes her stand out from the rest. Having dealt with robot realtors in the past, Raena was such a pleasure to work with! Thank you so much, Raena
    Laura C

  • Raena was strongly recommended by a friend who had sold his condo with her. As first time home buyers, the biggest challenge for me and my girlfriend was that we didn't know where to start or what to ask.  However, by having Raena as our representative, we had nothing to worry about because she walked us through every single step of the process with full transparency and honesty. 

    Whenever we needed her help, she was always reachable and provided helpful and clear advice which helped us to make decisions really easy.

    We had approached a home builder on our own before meeting Raena and the interactions ultimately left us feeling uncomfortable and confused and like they were only looking out for themselves.  The kept making changes to our agreement and we ended up in a position where we didn't know what was happening or what was agreed to.  We ended up walking away as it was not a good experience.

    When we finally found a dream home with Raena we hesitated to make an offer because of its price being out of our budget, she did her magic negotiating with the seller's agent and got the best price, one that we didn't even expect. 

    Raena was not only the best agent, but also a great friend to us during the whole process of purchasing a property. She listened to our thoughts first, took care of our feelings, and tried to make us feel comfortable; she was always willing to stand on our side like a friend rather than pushing us.

    We would definitely work with Raena again for any future real estate deals and would highly recommend her to our family and friends with no hesitation.

    Jin & Jane 

  • I was in the process of separating from my wife and just starting my search for a new home when Raena was referred to me.  My experience with her was outstanding.  It was a really very unique experience in that she provided me much needed insight on my best alternatives for a new home after exploring what my personal interests and future goals were.  She then worked extremely hard to get me the best value for my investment - she treated my investment as if it were her own.  The whole experience exceeded my expectations.  I was expecting to work with a realtor who would be helpful but are ultimately motivated by closing a deal quickly at the highest price that I could manage. Instead I was lucky enough to find Raena who really looked after my best interests.  Thanks for the great help Raena!

  • I needed a quick sale!
    After waiting for a year and half, I was phoned by my future Seniors’ Lodge Home to tell me they had a suite ready for me.  Things had to begin quickly to accommodate this move.  I called Raena and had so many questions.  She answered them all in a professional way and gave me courage that we could sell my condo even though the market was slow.  She was always there to give advice and help.  My condo was sold in good time and I was able, happily, to move into my new home!
    Raena’s great personality is such an asset in her salesmanship ability.  Her smile and upbeat attitude immediately gives one confidence.
    Thanks Raena.

  • Our first time purchasing a home was a rewarding, positive and fun experience, all thanks to Raena.
    My husband and I did not know a thing about the processes of buying a home, but Raena always took the time to explain each step to us. 
    I always felt comfortable asking her questions and she always had the answer. At the beginning of our search, we didn’t know the right questions to ask; Raena provided us with the right information so we could make an informed decision. 
    Raena demonstrates a very high standard of professionalism. I have already given out her card to my friends who are interested in purchasing a home!  
    She is very knowledgeable and approachable but the one thing that really stood out to me was that she always had our best interest in mind. It is very obvious that Raena truly cares about each one of her clients. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Raena! We truly appreciate all your time and effort in making sure we found our perfect home!
    Raylene & Levi 

  • Raena, you help me a lot. You know I was in China when I decided to sell my property in Chestermere, I have no other choice at that time. But with your great patience, professional working manners and also your competitive selling skills, you help to sell my condo in such a short time. I don't know how to express my feeling of gratitude, but I sincerely thank you, good job, Raena.
    It would be my honor to have the opportunity to recommend you as a agent to others.​

  • We really enjoyed working with Raena. She consistently provided honest and open communication, helped us think outside the box, and ultimately helped us find our dream home!

    When I say honest and open communication I'm thinking specifically of the day we met you and I asked you why the house next door was priced where it was, and you straight up said "because it's on a shitty street. On another street, this house would be $900+." We loved your honesty and immediately knew we wanted to work with you, despite having received numerous referrals from friends and family.

    I say think outside the box because you made us look far beyond our specific parameters and took us to neighbourhoods in Calgary we never would have otherwise considered. Not to mention the "out of the box" unconventional way we went about actually making the deal we did to get our house!

    Finally, I say helped us find our dream house because before we ever met you we compiled a list of all the "must haves" and "want to haves" in our new house and our Ramsay house checked off pretty much our entire list.
    Hilary & Adrian


  • Adam and I were very lucky to find Raena at an open house when we were first looking to purchase a condo. As first time buyers we didn't really know what to expect or even what questions to ask. Raena was extremely helpful in walking us through the entire process of purchasing a condo and helping us identify very important things to look for when making such a big investment. Raena is also a very diligent and persistent individual and she showed us many condos before we found the perfect one.

    Three years later we called Raena again when we wanted to begin looking for our first home. Again, Raena was wonderful to work with - always making time to get us in to showings even if it was a last minute request from us. We have had two very positive experiences working with Raena which have resulted in us having a great condo in Mission that we loved and now a wonderful home in Silver Springs. Thank you Raena!
    Angela Booth & Adam Yurkowski

  • I live in Victoria and had a Condo in Calgary (Chestermere) to sell so I was a little apprehensive about how to go about selling it. Raena Gartner was recommended to me and within a very short time she had my complete confidence. She was the ideal Realtor; calm, professional and very confident. Raena took care of business, she took care of every detail. What a relief.

    She always made me feel that I was being heard and that I was an important part of the process.
    When it came time to make a price adjustment she made me feel that I was making the decision.

    I was more than satisfied with the service provided. Raena has very good communication skills, she always communicated in a timely manner. To give an example; I was vacationing in Mexico and didn't always check my emails and texts. It was late at night when I realized that Raena had sent me a text regarding an offer on the Condo. I emailed her back very late (thinking she would answer in the morning), but she got right back to me.

    Raena not only took care of business but she went way above the call of duty. I had tenants in the unit who had a lease, and this could have been a real nightmare. But Raena took care of the existing tenant's needs, moving them into a nearby unit, bending over backwards to get them moved. She arranged for them to have boxes, arranged for movers to move them, arranged for parking, the works. On top of that, the sale closed within the same month as the offer coming in. Like I said, Raena went way beyond the call of duty while under a time pressure.

    The Transaction was handled in a very professional manner. I did not know a Lawyer in Calgary (as I live in Victoria), Raena arranged a lawyer to handle the sale and transaction and I was very satisfied.

    Without hesitation, I would recommend Raena to anyone, as well as family or friends.

    I have to say, that this has been without a doubt the best Real estate experience in my life and I have bought and sold quite a few properties. I want to say a big thank you to you Raena!
    B. Stuart

  • I was very pleased with your services as a realtor and would not hesitate to recommend you if the opportunity arises.
    Best wishes,
    Zubin & Aimy


  • Raena, I would like to say that Peter and I felt you did a wonderful job in helping us find a property. Even though Peter stumbled onto this house, it was our intention was to move back into another condo and from that perspective you went above and beyond. To take the initiative to look at expired listings as well as existing when the market was so tight, that is what set you apart from others.
    As well you have taken the initiative to learn as much as possible about buying a condo and the nuances that come with that property option.
    Your passion for the customer and dedication you exhibited was why Peter did not hesitate to put your name forward to an associate. We both agreed, your efforts made "house hunting" an enjoyable verses arduous experience and certainly should we make any resident changes in the future or know of someone who is your name comes to mind first. 
    Thank you for wonderful service!
    M. Johnson


  • Raena was referred to us by a friend who had purchased their house a couple months prior and I had been on some of the house walk throughs. I really enjoyed Raena's way of seeing a place past what was shown but also being completely honest if something was up.

    When we were ready to make our first home purchase, my boyfriend Adam and I sat down with Raena a couple weeks before actually seeing anything and we walked through what we wanted and she had a lot of input on what we should focus on and what we should stay away from, after showing her our internet searches.

    When we pulled the trigger and started looking at places, Raena was on vacation but she left us in the very capable hands of her business partner and we got the full service. Even with the rush of the market, we were able to see a variety of places at a variety of times and all it took was an email. Raena was in the loop and kept open communication even while she was away and it was definitely appreciated. As soon as she got back there was no lag, she was right back with us fighting for the house we wanted.

    The highlight of my experience with Raena was that we never felt like we were under any pressure. While they encouraged getting into the game if we were interested in something, there was always a lot of advice when our bids were getting too high and when they thought we may be overpaying for a property. I have friends who have had a lot of pressure to buy higher and higher but even when it became an emotional thing for Adam and I, Raena and her team were there to pull us back.

    We appreciated all the help and guidance Raena provided with our first home purchase. It was smooth and easy with her help and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for an excellent realtor to help them with their purchase or selling their property. She's knowledgeable and driven and it shows in the way she works.
    Katelynne & Adam

  • Raena was perfect!  As a first time buyer and new to Canada, I had all these questions and was insecure about everything. She was always smiling and saying that is what she is here for.  And with so much patience and almost a year later we finally found the place, as she liked to say, "you just get the feeling that this is the one" and I finally had it after a long time of researching and visiting properties. 
    My questions were answered, every single one, and with all her knowledge and experience she would explain something even before it turned into a question.  She was always on time, explaining everything, sometimes more than once. As a first time home buyer I didnt know anything and there is so much information that we forget things.  I would definitely recommend Raena, with my eyes closed.  Thanks again so much!"

    "Raena foi muito atenciosa em todos os momentos da busca, foram 11 meses de procura e diversas perguntas, incertezas e duvidas. 
    Como me mudei pra Calgary a 4 anos nao era tao familiarizada com todas as questoes burocraticas e legais que envolvem a compra/venda de um imovel, e lembro bem a Raena sorrindo e dizendo : " - Nao se preocupe, qualquer duvida que tiver, estou aqui."  Pensei em desistir algumas vezes pois nunca achava do jeito que queria, ou era uma coisa ou outra que me fazia desistir do imovel, e lembro que ela sempre repetia a frase" - Voce sentira quando for a casa certa, como sempre foi com meus clientes, sentira for a hora certa." Isso me ajudou bastante a nao desanimar e continuar ate que chegou a hora certa e finalmente comprei meu apartamento.
    Ela foi super prestativa com todas as questoes legais, desde como fazer a proposta ate onde encontrar um bom advogado,e  sempre presente; estava na revisao da documentacao, na escolha do advogado e na entrega das chaves. 
    A recomentaria de olhos fechados.

  • Raena is a true professional.  Selling a property while living outside the province could have been a very stressful and time consuming process but Raena was able to make the entire experience very quick and easy. 

    As a first time seller, Raena walked me through everything step by step and was always available to answer any questions I had by email, phone or text.  She was very flexible with her time and worked directly with my tenants to set up showings of the property.  Her ability to connect with them and coordinate everything in my absence was amazing and really made the process easy for me! 

    Thank you so much for doing such a great job. :)

  • Raena is a wonderful realtor and I was very satisfied with the service I received. 

    Raena is very caring and you can tell that she loves what she does. Since the beginning she has taken the time to meet with me and answer all of my questions however small they were, she always got back to me right away whenever I called or emailed her about anything. She really made me feel like she was listening to what I wanted in a place.

    She found everything that I was looking for in a home and she even took the time to stick it out with me and camp out the whole night outside in a builders office parking lot, in not the greatest weather, to make sure I got the property I wanted.

    Raena has gone above and beyond to help me. Going that extra mile for sure! I would certainly recommend her to everyone that is looking to buy a place. She has really made me feel good about the next step I am making in my life.
    Sherry C.


  • Raena was very thorough, professional and organized.  She helped me sell my condo within a couple of weeks in a not-so-great market.  Her advice and instincts on pricing were spot on.  She always got back to me promptly if/when I had a question.  She provided a written checklist of condo documents I would need, and a checklist for moving after my condo sold.  She helped keep me on track in a process that is easy to get lost in!  Raena is very professional and I really appreciated her calmness, which alleviated a lot of my anxiety.  My trust in her competency helped me feel confident throughout the process.  I will recommend Raena to others.

  • We have only great things to say about Raena. She was patient while we decided how we would like to sell our house, offered advice even when we thought we might try and sell it on our own, continued to update us on market conditions while we renovated over a year and always responded when we needed her.

    Raena treated us like family, sold our house in a couple of days and found us a new home that is absolutely perfect.

    We will be recommending Raena to all of our friends with full confidence.
    Jen & Guillaume


  • We bought and sold our first house with Raena, and if we hadn't left Calgary we would do it all over again. She is professional, caring and very hard working.
    Raena not only helped us buy a house in foreclosure with many complications, but years later she helped us sell our house in 3 days, over our asking price! Raena demonstrated that she has a great understanding of the market and how to market our house.
    She really understood our needs and did a great job coordinating all aspects of the transactions. Thank you Raena!
    Daniel & Pamela


  • Raena has been very patient with us throughout our search for a house. She wasn't pushy, and offered her advice and opinions when they were needed, which were valued. Raena gave us good advice in terms of what initial offers should be, and worked very hard and efficiently once offers on houses were in. She was extremely accommodating in terms of her time, and meeting us to sign documents. I will definitely be recommending Raena to any friends or family that are looking to buy or sell in Calgary!
    Chelsea & Duane

  • We brought our first house several years ago with Raena, and a downtown condo this year. 
    We will continue using her in the future as she is our lucky star.  We bond really well together.
    We went through some tough negotiations with the seller and we managed to buy at the price we wanted to pay.    When we go out house hunting for the right investment opportunity she understands our needs and filters out the bad choices for us.  She is extremely knowledgable in condo hunting and can tell us about the pros and cons of our potential choices.  Since we are on the same brain wave, making a decision to buy is very easy with her. 

    She was never a pushy realtor and she values our friendship more than making a sale.  We call her our friend and our favourite realtor.
    W. & C. Chung


  • My experience with Raena was very rewarding. Raena's spirit and positive attitude are infectious and she always had a smile on her face. Raena made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire buying process and I am thrilled with my new condo. Raena's response to any of my questions was always prompt and professional and she is very knowledgeable about Calgary's real estate market. I could tell from the start that Raena had my best interest in mind and that was more important to her than just making a sale (her number one goal was to find the best fit for me and to ensure I was a happy and satisfied client). I will have no reservations about working with Raena again in the future and will recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.
    David P.

  • This was a really good experience and the purchase was very well handled under tight timelines. Completely professional, including the lawyer and home inspector.

  • As first time home buyers, my boyfriend and I weren't sure where to start. We knew we had a budget in mind and a desired perimeter of the city in which we wanted to live - although that was about it. We called a number for an inner city property that we found listed, left a message and promptly had our call returned by Raena. She was personable, attentive and asked all the right questions, which made us feel comfortable with her right away.

    That same evening she set us up with a website specifically for our eyes only, that would e-mail us new property matches based on our search criteria. It also allowed us to rate the properties and provide feedback so that she could gain a better understanding of what we were after. We made plans to meet the next day and hit the ground running.

    After several showings we made an offer on a condo and Raena highly recommended we have the condo documents reviewed by a professional. Because of that - it ended up saving us more than $30,000 worth of potential special assessments that were slotted to be collected on that building. Needless to say we moved on...

    After countless more showings and several deals that almost closed, we expanded our search just outside our initial comfort zone and that is where we finally found our diamond in the rough.

    Today we are nearly done transforming the condo in to our beautiful new home - well within our budget, with plenty of space, and close to work and play. Throughout the entire process we felt that Raena had our best interest at heart. She negotiated pricing, possession dates, as well as advised us to have condo documents professionally reviewed again. Her listening skills and real world experience were quite valuable indeed. The contacts that Raena passed along to us for a mortgage broker and home inspector also saved us a lot of time and headache. They were top notch with their no nonsense approach - and easily made all the pieces fall in to place.

    Thank you Raena for the hours spent, patience, thoughtfulness and attention to detail... It did not go unnoticed! Kudos to you for being there for us - still to this day - when I call you to ask about anything.

    You are trustworthy and I would be happy to share your name with anyone whom I care for!
    Michelle & Jamie

  • Thank you so much for working with me to find my new home! When I started off I had a very broad view of what I might be interested in and to be honest, not a very good understanding of what I really needed.

    Raena's helpful questions and gentle guidance gave me a much clearer picture of what would work best for me. Raena was extremely patient during this process, which I really appreciated and I never felt pressured to make a rushed decision. I found it quite unique that Raena was as concerned as I was about getting the best value for my money. Raena's due diligence was remarkable. I've never experienced that level of concern with prior purchases.

    Raena's knowledge of the local market and valuations was also a confidence booster for me. I especially appreciated Raena's strong recommendation to have an expert review the condo documents, as he identified a potential increase in my condo fees due to an under-funded liability. This helped me negotiate a further reduction to the purchase price.

    Thank you for personalizing this experience and making it so enjoyable!
    Don G.


  • With your help we got our dream house, we can't say enough to thank you!
    You did an awesome job (even though I am a stressful client ha ha). We are very happy now!
    This happened just because you helped us, so thank you so much Raena, we wish you the best for the future.
    David and Sandra


  • Raena, I just wanted to drop you a note to mention that you did exceptional work for...our clients...on the sale of the Ryan's Condo. Overall they've been dealing with a complicated situation and you went well over and above what you needed to do to help out and I know from speaking with them that they appreciated it very very much.

    It's nice that they were able to have a good experience when it came to dealing with that condo sale. It could have been a much bigger mess given the fact that they aren't in Calgary to deal with the back and forth.

    Great job, and periodically we get clients moving to the big city from this branch, and after this, I won't hesitate to pass on your name.
    Senior Account Manager,  RBC Royal Bank of Canada

  • The service provided by Raena was amazing. Raena was on top of all listings, broadened my searches and completely had my back. No matter what time of the day Raena was reachable, it was me that wasn't always reachable!! All issues were handled efficiently and ours was not an easy transaction, Raena had my back and worked out all solutions as issues came up.
    Raena is knowledgeable about the markets, knows the city, and above all really looks out for what is best for her clients. I really felt like I was Raena's only client and that my needs were above her own. Never once felt like she was just in it for the "sale" and her commission, she really cares and wants what is best for you and that really shows. Raena is a Great person to work with and highly recommend her to anyone wishing to buy or sell.


  • It was a great pleasure to buy a Calgary property using Raena as my agent.

    Being not from Calgary, she was willing and able to take the time to get me up to speed on the market, the best areas and even the best streets to look at. Raena was patient with me, taking me on many showings, giving me a chance to see for myself what was out there and at what price.

    Her approach was very beneficial giving me an education firsthand while making sure I was aware of all the options out there and which were priced appropriately.

    I have no idea when Raena had time to do her research with comparable properties, but I sure appreciated it. After four afternoons I became quite comfortable with Raena's recommendations and with her help she was able to help me focus my search and itemize what were the must haves and the deal breakers. Once the mandatory needs were met it was easy to narrow the search to only a few properties. Raena even spent her days going through endless properties so I wouldn't have to waste my time on seeing those properties that wouldn't be a fit.

    Raena was able to guide me to a great property that was very reasonably valued and had all the potential and must haves I needed. When I bought, well priced properties were selling very quickly and we were able to get a great deal, despite it being a sellers market. The negotiations were handled quickly but with every attention to detail. No i's or t's were un-dotted and the transaction closed on the extremely tight timeline I demanded. Further, every item was followed up on, no minute detail escaped her and Raena looked out for my interests at every juncture.

    But the best part was Raena was energetic, knowledgeable and had a beaming smile through the whole deal. Raena knows her stuff and I cannot say enough about how great the experience was. I got what I wanted, at a below market price and had a lot of fun doing it!! Raena has a lot of respect for the process, the client, his time and capital. Win-Win!!!


  • Buying and selling property in any city can be a daunting task but with the right real estate agent it doesn't have to be. I had to sell a condo in Calgary but live in Regina. Raena came highly recommended by a colleague and I was truly grateful for the reference.
    Raena was so helpful with finding packers, cleaners, contractors and the list goes on and on. She was always available to help us with whatever we needed and really went above and beyond the call of a being a real estate agent. She spent so much of her time, and I am sure others, to ensure that our condo was sale ready. Raena sold our condo very quickly and I have no doubt in my mind that it was all due to her hard work and the endless hours of preparation that made all of this happen.
    I would highly recommend Raena - she has been such a blessing to have handle our sale and I am truly grateful for all she has done. She worked so very hard for us to make this sale possible and for that we are truly appreciative.

    Raena - on a personal note, we know that both Bev & I cannot begin to express in words how much we really appreciate ALL you have done for us in selling the condo. Aside from some of the personal family issues that came into play you handled everything beautifully!! I know that you spent so much time assisting with the family members and the family tenant move, packing the owners belongings, looking after the condo repairs, garage and condo issues - and the list goes on with so many other things with this sale. Thank you so very much - we could not have done this without you. We look forward to meeting with you when we come to Calgary and be ready for a BIG hug!! You rock girl!

  • I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Raena and the Frances Dares team. As a first time home buyer, I was unfamiliar with the process and all of the steps involved with purchasing property. Raena was patient and understanding through all of the stages.
    When I found that perfect condo, she helped me to negotiate with the seller to get not only a fair price, but the best price! I was required to obtain mortgage insurance as one of my purchase conditions. When the insurance companies denied the building my condo was in, Raena fought for me. That part was tough, but I am happy to say that I successfully came out the other side.
    I could not be happier with my home, and I couldn't have done it without Raena! I have been, and will continue to, recommend Raena to everyone I encounter that is looking to sell or purchase a home.


  • Raena was really wonderful to work with.
    This was my first purchase and knew nothing about the process and Raena walked me through every step. I felt like I had hundreds of questions and she answered every one of them either in writing or talking to me.
    She was available at all times and I never once felt pressured. She took care of me like I was a friend and because of that, I didn't feel like I was in over my head. I felt like she had my best interest at hand and wasn't just looking for a sale.
    In the end, I purchased a condo that I am really happy and comfortable with.

  • Working with Raena was great. Because of her outstanding communication skills, we were able to purchase a home well below market price. Unlike any other realtor, Raena didn't pressure me to make any offer in any place we saw, and she would make a few initial showings to understand our needs before making recommendations.
    We developed a trust friendship that I would never thought I would have with any realtor; I used to think buying a house was a one time business transaction, but the experience I had with Raena is definitely not this case and I will use Raena again in the near future for sure!
    Wilson & Corinne


  • Raena, I just wanted to let you know I've been in my place over 3 months and...I still love it. It really is the perfect fit for me. I have been loving the walk to and from work. It came at a great time as well. I just wanted to thank you once again for being so patient with all my questions and helping me find a great little place.


  • Compared to past home purchases/sales, Raena far exceeded my expectations as a realtor.
    She was professional, knowledgeable and really listened to what I wanted in a new home.
    She was able to find the perfect condo in the perfect area for me and she took the time to make sure that the entire process was clear and that I was comfortable with the negotiations.
    Thanks Raena, I can't imagine using another realtor in Calgary.


  • After having my home on the market for six months with no prospects, I retained Raena Gartner.
    Raena did her magic and with much hard work and personal care, made an 18 year old house look modern and shiny. She even sold the place after the first public open house!
    Thanks Raena. You are my realtor for life.
    G. Young


  • Raena was very helpful in explaining the current market conditions as well as providing advice on pricing our property appropriately. The real estate insight she gave to us was crucial in helping us make a quick sale compared to other competing properties that have been on the market for months.
    Also, Raena was very personable and efficient with her communication. She kept us updated with information through phone calls, text messages, and emails. From the start of the sale through to the end, Raena was there with us all the way.
    Given the current economy, property prices can see a significant change in just a few weeks. It is critical to choose a realtor with dedication and knowledge to stay on top of the market trend; this is what will help sell your property in a timely manner along with a suitable price. Raena is definitely that realtor.
    Daniel and Jaime 


  • Raena was enthusiastic, professional and very helpful. We trusted her to find our dream home and she was very informative and thorough.
    Thanks Raena! We are totally satisfied.
    Mark & Kelly


  • Raena was patient, understanding and exceptional at figuring out how to make what I wanted happen. I could not have had a better agent, in my opinion.
    I was never at a point wondering what was happening, Raena kept me in the loop of any and all changes, updates and information.
    As a first time home buyer, I definitely had a lot of questions! Raena was extremely patient with me and made sure that I completely understood exactly what was going on at all times. She was proactive as well, giving me a heads up when something was coming along that she knew would probably be new for me.
    And man, did we have problems! All problems were dealt with immediately and Raena came up with some pretty creative and effective solutions for some of them.
    Overall, I felt that when something fell through it was not because Raena didn't do absolutely everything in her power to make it work. Not only was Raena professional, but her conduct influenced the other parties to act professionally as well.
    I absolutely would recommend Raena, and I already have! Raena was very knowledgeable on the current state of the market and professional, but also was fun to work with and was excellent at educating me, her client. I would definitely choose to hire Raena again with any future real estate deals myself and would highly recommend her to any of my friends looking to move into the market.

  • As a mortgage broker, I have had the opportunity to work with many realtors over the years.
    In my dealings with Raena, I can tell that she truly cares and looks out for her clients. While some realtors are happy with doing the minimum, Raena goes over and above the call of duty and genuinely wants to give excellent service.
    I would recommend Raena to anyone that wants a realtor with integrity, a hard work ethic, knowledge, a great attitude and a little spunk!
    You will start out with a realtor, and end up with a great home and a new friend.
    Pete Kolackovsky B.Sc.
    Mortgage Architects


  • Thank you so much Raena for your hard work and professional attitude. I would highly recommend you to anyone and you have gone above and beyond with this.
    Lori & Dave

  • We have had the pleasure of purchasing a house with the assistance of Raena Gartner.
    Raena was always supportive and dedicated to our needs by being easy to communicate with, get in contact with, and meet with if need be.
    She is approachable and friendly with a positive outlook and will also work hard to advocate for her clients.
    We would work with Raena again and have no reservations about recommending her.
    Pamela & Daniel
    BUYERS (Foreclosure Property)


  • Raena was with me all the way. She is knowledgeable, friendly and offered many great suggestions for promoting our property in its best light and getting it seen by several potential buyers.
    Raena treated me as a friend and was selfless in her assistance. I recommend her services without hesitation.

    "Raena m'a aidé à présenter les meilleures qualités de ma maison tout en étant très fine et amicable. Je recommende ses services sans hésitation."

    Thanks again for everything Raena!
    G. Savoie


  • Thank you so very much for all your amazing advice! Best realtor hands down! Honest, hard working and trustworthy! Keep up the good work!


  • Raena, with you we found a Realtor, who not only focuses on the professional part of her job, but also cares about the feelings that are involved.
    You explained all the details to us during the procedure of buying our new home and you were there to help us finding a mortgage planner, a home inspector, a lawyer, ...Almost 24/7 you were available to us and you still are to answer our questions and give advice.
    If a friend was looking for a Realtor you would be our #1 recommendation because you gave us the feeling that it is not only a deal you are looking for, but it is also guiding us towards the right choices and making us feel comfortable with our decisions!!!!
    It was pleasant to meet you, not only because we found a new home, rather we met a very lovely and caring person we were able to trust throughout making one of the most important decisions of our lives!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your help."

    "Raena, In Dir haben wir einen Makler gefunden, in dem sich Professionalitaet und Gefuehl vereien. Du hattest immer Zeit und Geduld mit uns alle Details waehrend der Kaufphase zu besprechen und zu erklaeren. In allen Belangen hast du Deine Hilfe angeboten, z.B. finden eines Hausinspektors, eines Finanzberater, eines Anwaltes und vieles mehr. Zu jeder Zeit warst Du und bist Du immer noch fuer uns zu erreichen, fast 24/7!!!! Sollte ein Freund einen Makler suchen, bist Du unsere 1.Wahl, weil Du einem das Gefuehl gibst, dass es nicht nur um ein Geschaeft geht, sondern auch um Menschen die sich auf Dich verlassen. Es war angenehm Dich kennen gelernt zu haben, nicht nur weil wir mit Dir ein neues Zuhause gefunden haben, sondern auch weil wir einem sehr lieben und sympathischen Menschen begegnet sind. Vielen lieben Dank fuer all Deine Zeit und Muehe mit uns zusammen ein neues Zuhause zufinden !!!!!
    Andrea & Udo


  • Raena, you were very good at answering any questions I had. When the first offer fell through, you acted quickly and got the other offers rolling immediately. I would definitely recommend you for any Realty needs. You were very helpful with advice and also understood my needs and were really accommodating.
    Thanks for all your excellent committed work on the quick sale of my house!! :)


  • I would highly recommend Raena Gartner to be your Real Estate Agent. I have personally worked with and have known Raena for over 7 years. Raena always displays an incredible passion for the industry and is always expanding on her very impressive depth of knowledge. I know I can always run scenarios by Raena and she has my best interests in mind, and always gives it to me straight! Her personality, honesty and attention to detail, also makes her a number one choice.
    Buying a home is a big deal, probably THE biggest purchase you can make, I know I would want someone to hold my hand through the process and provide intelligent guidance, as I am not familiar with all the time and smart decisions that need to be made! Raena has helped me in numerous ways when it comes to Real Estate and I will be using her to buy my 2013 Duplex purchase! I literally cried the first time I purchased a condo because of stress - I know the next time, it will be tears of joy - and they will be shared with Raena Gartner!

  • As a former mortgage professional and having worked with Raena both on real estate deals and as a personal client, I know Raena has extensive knowledge of the Calgary real estate market.
    Whether it is a first time home, a new home, an upgrade or a revenue property Raena has the experience, knowledge and consideration to best represent her clients. Raena puts her clients first and foremost no matter what the situation and she genuinely cares to put in the extra effort to consider all the details involved in purchasing a property.
    When I send friends to Raena I know they will be cared for to the highest order.
    I highly recommend Raena as my realtor of choice in Calgary or anywhere for that matter.
    D. Kashyap
    Mortgage Professional


  • My wife and I are recent first-time homeowners; we entered the housing market in Calgary with trepidation and uncertainty. The thought of all the required steps and paper work to buying for the first time was daunting to both of us.
    Raena was referred to us by my sister and was an immediate ray of sunshine in our lives. She approached our search with dedication and patience, her organized and unbiased approach to finding us our dream house resulted in us finding something well beyond our expectations.
    Raena was happy to walk us through every step of the process with full transparency and honesty. Her upbeat attitude made the whole process a pleasure rather than a chore. Any concerns we had were addressed immediately and we were able to reach Raena at any time knowing she would make space for us in her busy day. I will continue to use Raena for future endeavours and will not hesitate to recommend her for anyone looking to buy or sell properties in the Calgary region."
    Jan-Michael & Lindsey

  • Hi Raena, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my home purchase. You really made what could have been a stressful process easy and fun.
    Especially helpful were your contacts in the industry - everyone you recommended was professional and a pleasure to deal with.
    I am grateful for your timely advice and knowledge on mortgages and the nuances of buying a townhouse.
    I never felt that you were pressuring me to make a purchase, but rather were willing to spend the time with me to ensure I found the right home for me!

  • Raena is a highly intelligent, creative, enthusiastic, and caring person. When you meet her, you will be struck by the "light" she brings, not only because of her positive, life-embracing outlook, but because she has the gift of being able to illuminate your own vision of what you need and desire, bringing her knowledge and her intuitive understanding of people together. Her greatest joy is in helping others experience life to its fullest. I can think of no other person more worthy of your trust, as a real estate agent and as a friend.